AM 1700 Radio Richmond is a super low power Part 15 neighborhood AM radio station that can be heard in parts of San Francisco’s inner Richmond and Lone Mountain neighborhoods.

We’re nuts about radio around here. Or maybe we’re just nuts. But we haven’t met a radio we didn’t like and we love to broadcast.  Our program consists mainly of Big Band and Swing – the kind of music you will not hear on any other station in the western half of San Francisco.

You’ll also hear classic, old radio broadcasts from Jean Shepherd on WOR AM from the 1960s and 70s.

Jean Shepherd

Jean Shepherd on the air

Technical Info

We broadcast with a pair of FCC Certified Hamilton Rangemaster AM1000C transmitters with certification id: NWXAM1000.

Other Equipment:

  • Orban Optimod-AM 9100A
  • Sparta AS-30B Console
  • Aphex 323A Compellor & Aural Exciter
  • Inovonics 222 AM Preemphasis/Lowpass Audio Processor
  • Zara Studio automation software
  • Inovonics 520 AM Broadcast Modulation Monitor
  • Fostex 6301B Studio Monitors

The station is mostly automated, but we do occasionally break into the schedule and go live from the studio.

How To Listen

Because our station is so tiny, your best chance to hear us is actually on your car radio. Our one-tenth of a Watt signal has hard time reaching inside buildings where there is a lot of electrical noise from everything from light bulbs to phone chargers.

If you want to try to listen at home, your best chances are with a battery powered portable AM radio (you do have one, right?). Set your radio to 1700 AM then rotate your radio for the best signal. You might find better results in different parts of your home, experiment to see what works best.

Your best bet for picking up our micro-station is during daylight hours on the west side of Lone Mountain and the southeast part of the Inner Richmond. At night you’ll only be able to hear our signal if you are very close to the station on account of a big 10,000 Watt station that skips in on the skywave from northern Mexico; they pretty much kill our fringes.

Why do we broadcast if it is hard to hear the station over-the-air? We are radio people. This is what we do for fun.

Where is the internet stream?

There isn’t one. We are radio people.

Are you guys radio pirates?

No. We are legally broadcasting without a license by adhering to the limits set forth in 47 CFR Part 15.219

How to distinguish Part 15 Stations from Pirates.

One comment on “About

  1. I was in your neighborhood yesterday, and spent a good hour walking around with a little portable Sony SRF-59 tuned to AM 1700. I had lunch at the Arguello Market, then walked round, listening to Tim’s Oompah Hour. Yours is the first Part 15 station I have ever heard, and it was an interesting and educational experience. The modulation quality is excellent – must be that Optimod! Will PM you in more detail through Hobby Broadcaster.

    Thanks for the fun listening experience!

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