Radio Pictures – KFWB Postcard

Radio is a funny thing. Once it gets under your skin you’re done for, it has you for life.

And I am talking about real radio, the kind that goes through the air and is freely available to anybody within range. Streaming on the internet is fine, but it ain’t radio. If you’re a radio person, only real radio floats your boat.

One of the things that happens to you when you get bugged by radio is that you accumulate ‘radio stuff.’

Among the stuff I’ve accumulated are various postcards and radio related ephemera.

As we continue to test AM1700 Radio Richmond and make progress on the studio I thought I would take some time to share some pictures with you.  Here we have a post card depicting an early KFWB Los Angeles.

KFWB Postcard

KFWB took to the air in 1925 under the ownership of Sam Warner. This picture shows the hammock antenna strung between two self supporting towers in front the Warner Brothers Motion Picture Studios in Los Angeles, Ca.

The station is still on the air today with the same call letters broadcasting with 5Kw on 980Khz.

I’ll share more postcards and photos of radio stations and facilities over the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy them.


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