Hey KUSF, what can you do with 100 mW ?

So this evening is was driving through my neighborhood running some errands and before I left, I switched on the transmitter and cued up some nice motivational speaking.

My transmitter is roof mounted near Arguello and Golden Gate.  I apologize to those who might read this that aren’t familiar with the streets I am talking about, you can always refer to the map on the about page.

Anyway, I was really surprised when I could hear the station quite well on Masonic between Anza and Turk. That’s a good deal farther than I have indicated on my “coverage map.” As I drove west on Turk, through the heart of USF. Which brings me to the next part of the story.

Three years ago, in a moment of profound boneheaded-ness, USF sold off their license for  90.3 FM. I don’t remember the details, but I think they essentially gave the license away. You can read about the convoluted deal here on RadioSurvivor.  A short sighted move if there ever was one.


Now I know it’s not FM and it’s not hundreds of watts or whatever they used to run. But Hello KUSF! Put up a Part 15 AM transmitter on 1610Khz! You will easily cover the campus and extend your reach into the surrounding neighborhoods. And it’s real radio, not that internet streaming nonsense! You can serve the community again.

I hope you get an LPFM but I am not holding my breath. But with your studio facilities already in place, you can put a legal AM signal on the air for very little money. Less than $1000 will have you back on the real airwaves.

Have a look at www.CampusBroadcaster.net and see what can be done with Part 15 transmitters.  Contact me, I’ll help you set it up. Really, I will.



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