Radio Pictures – KFAR Photo

In our next installment of the ‘Radio Pictures’ series we have a photo of the KFAR control room. Transmitting equipment, customized with the KFAR emblem, is seen behind the control desk.

There is a platter on the turntable to the right of the console and very tidy operating position. It’s also interesting to note that to the left of the console is what appears to be a Hallicrafters equipped amateur HF station. This makes sense for a station in Fairbanks, Alaska. Before the days of satellite communications, HF radio was possibly the only reliable way to get programming and news into remote Alaska.

KFAR Radio Control Room

I don’t know if this is a promotional photograph for the station, the transmitter manufacturer, or both. I’ve seen other photos with a similar scene for different station call letters.

Please chime in the comments if you have more information about this photo or series if it is, in fact, one of many in a promotional series.


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